Thursday, September 13, 2012

Jeremy Scott Spring 2013

Jeremy Scott's Spring 2013 collection was AMAZING! He definitely toned it down this season (I missed all the crazy tumblr-inspired-e-net fashion). BUT It was still wonderful. They had scarfs, sheer, BRAIDS, turquoise, golden sequins, and cool trinkets ON the dresses (like actually on them!)

Here were some of my favorite looks:
cheetah boy
the gold chain! 
now you see me, now you don't 
This look reminded me of a banana, but it slowly grew on me
werk that baroque!

Her skin with this garment is so striking!

Which one do I look at?
From far away, they look like a pattern....
but close-up, they're golden guns!!!

Look at Jeremy rocking corn-rolls!

I wonder how long that took...


I really enjoyed his last show with the psychedelic colour choices and patterns but this show was still killer! In a way, it was good that he toned this season down, I'm not too sure I would've enjoyed it as much this round. Go Jeremy!

What were your favorites?? Did you like this collection more than the last collection? Leave a comment  below!!



  1. This collection was racist as fuck. And terrible to look at, like most of his collections. Absolute garbage.


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