Sunday, September 30, 2012

Comme Des Garçons Spring 2013

The Haus of Comme Des Garçons got crazy this season! Their designs are always wacky but this season's motto was "MORE IS MORE". I was in love as usual, look!!!

That hat!

That weave!

Mugler Spring 2013

Disclaimer: Nicola Formichetti is my idol and can do no wrong and this article will be biased because everything Nicola touches turns to gold.

Spring 2013 for Mugler was a great season. The wearability of Mugler is surprising due to the design-filled pieces but it's definitely there. I could see any girl wearing Mugler Spring 2013 walking down the street. She would be the cutest girl in that town but I could see it.  

This skirt gives me life.

They did a lot of two-toned pieces for Spring and I just was tickled pink. It was so fantastic *squealing*

Shanghai Fashion warrior

The one above and below this were probably my two favorite outfits from the whole collection. The print and sheen of the outfits was too cool for school. It was a lot of feelings to handle all at once, I can't even.

And then it got darker (ooooohhhhh)

Obviously, shiny pants are in this season (as if they ever weren't?). 
In Lady Gaga's music video for 'Marry The Night', she predicted that mint would be trendy this season. It looks like her prediction is coming truuuueeeeee.

Lindsey Wixson, part time model/part time expression assassin

and here's the video that Nicola edited together, it includes Gaga's new song "Cake Like Lady Gaga"...

Nicola never ceases to impress. And this collection was the same. It was nicely edited (he posted photos to his Instagram of the outfits that were edited out). This was one show that I rally wish I could've been to. :'(

So how'd you like Spring 2013 Mugler? Leave a comment...
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Osman Spring 2013

Osman had a mixed collection this season. There were bright colours, but also gold embroidery. The collection wasn't very connected and quite discombobulated but the individual pieces and outfits were beautiful. Scroll below to see...

so. much. chest. (but still classy somehow)

Christoper Kane Spring 2013

Christopher Kane unveiled his latest collection at London Fashion Week and boy was it magical!
There was everything from black leather to white leather to "taped" garments to jelly bows.
If any of that confused you (as I'm sure it probably did), look at the beauties below!

There's nothing like quilted white leather to say "Fierce bitch".

The first showings of the "tape" on the pieces.

The drapery on here is impeccable. I love how it just looks folded on itself like it's naturally there, wow.


She's a nicely-wrapped Christmas present. Quite elegant.

You might have to click on the photo to fully see it but the skirt is jellied! The black laced strings are gelatinous! GELATINOUS, I SAY!

Properly-placed bows are always welcomed.

Okay, do you see it? This is what I mean! The dress has embellishments taped to it! Like they're TAPED onto the fabric. You would think that would look über trashy but it totally doesn't. It reads high fashion so much. I would wear this jacket.

He always looks so cool, be my friend Christopher!

Would you wear any of these pieces? If so, which ones? Leave a comment below..
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Christian Dior Spring 2013

Raf Simons was amazing!!! OMG! You Go GIRL!

For his first collection with Dior, Raf designed so many looks. And not only did he pay attention to the details of the clothes but he also paid attention to the makeup and styling of the outfits. He sequined the eyelids!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

James Long Spring 2013

James Long had a presentation this season, rather than a runway. As you can see from the photos, none of the integrity of the clothes is mistranslated. 
Black and white was the theme this season. This needs no further description, just enjoy!

notice the cut-out!

The styling for this collection was impeccable! Wet hair (unusual, but unique) & winged shoes all added to the grunge, edgy look of James Long's collection.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Jonathan Saunders Spring 2013

The use of new-age textiles was quite prevalent in Jonathan Saunders' Spring 2013 collection. It ranged from metallic/chrome fabrics to nude fabrics and scalloped satin. Saunders' pieces could've gone to looking very cheap and gimmicky but they ended up looking expensive due to the styling and arrangement. I guess that's why they pay him the big bucks. 

loving this vest

she looks shirtless, but she's not!


This piece was a little weird though. It was red. Blood is red. And it's pointing to her vagina. I feel like I'm the only one who makes these connections. This is a period dress, not like a period-piece but a period dress. 

power suit! Werk it Hillary Clinton

loving this crop top, it looks so rich

This collection was refreshing and stellar.
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