Sunday, September 30, 2012

Christoper Kane Spring 2013

Christopher Kane unveiled his latest collection at London Fashion Week and boy was it magical!
There was everything from black leather to white leather to "taped" garments to jelly bows.
If any of that confused you (as I'm sure it probably did), look at the beauties below!

There's nothing like quilted white leather to say "Fierce bitch".

The first showings of the "tape" on the pieces.

The drapery on here is impeccable. I love how it just looks folded on itself like it's naturally there, wow.


She's a nicely-wrapped Christmas present. Quite elegant.

You might have to click on the photo to fully see it but the skirt is jellied! The black laced strings are gelatinous! GELATINOUS, I SAY!

Properly-placed bows are always welcomed.

Okay, do you see it? This is what I mean! The dress has embellishments taped to it! Like they're TAPED onto the fabric. You would think that would look über trashy but it totally doesn't. It reads high fashion so much. I would wear this jacket.

He always looks so cool, be my friend Christopher!

Would you wear any of these pieces? If so, which ones? Leave a comment below..
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