Friday, September 7, 2012

Fashion's Night Out 2012 ~ Austin

My friend, Amber, and I went to the "Fashion's Night Out" event in Austin, TX....I'm jealous of my new-yorker friend (ughhhhhh).

Obviously, it was a lot smaller than ones in the major fashion capitals but I still had a great time. When we got there, we had to search for where it was at. It took place in Barton Creek Square Mall but we didn't where it would be. We wanted to get there super early so that we could be one of the first 200 people and get a "swag bag" but traffic made us get there about 20 minutes late. Fortunately, we were still one of the first 200! And there's more! When we got there we both put our names into a raffle for free microdermabrasion and I won!! It was only 6:30 at that point and we got there at 6:20! Everything happened so fast.

This was the bag and inside it had coupons for the various stores that had events going on too, as well as a nifty water bottle. 
Before we actually did some shopping, we stopped by Starbucks.

We went to Steve Madden and I got these cool socks that I'm actually rocking right now....loving them. BUT, on the flyer for FNO, it said that with any purchase from Steve Madden, you would get a studded iPad case. Now I know the socks were only $1.99 but still. It was a purchase. I asked if I got the case because she never gave it to me and she said, "Oh, it's on purchases of $100 or more." That's not what the flyer says, but I digress. We went to Coldwater Creek afterwards because we didn't know what it was. Apparently, it's a "teacher-fashion" store so we turned right back around. ¡Hasta la vista! Amber and I walked across the way and went to Williams Sonoma but they didn't have samples, so we left. 

All we wanted and could afford was the free food.

THEN, we found the mothership....the creme de la creme.....the epitome of fashion.....the CROCS STORE.

It was almost funny how many ugly things there were in there. I mean, it was everywhere. On the walls. On stands. And apparently Crocs have these things called "Jibbitz" that hook into the top of the shoe. It's like decoration but they're not made very well. The jibbitz below weren't rejects, that's what they all looked like. 

sassy jasmine and derpy ariel

And the employees kept hovering around us like hawks. I think they mustn't seen people in there in quite some time....but don't worry, we didn't buy anything. We walked in to take this photo and left right after. I can't be seen in a Crocs store of all things. 


AND WE'RE GETTING A TOPSHOP/TOPMAN!! It's not a storefront but there's a section of space about 40 ft. x 60 ft. that they're transforming in Nordstrom's. How exciting!!



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