Thursday, September 13, 2012

Alexander Wang Spring 2013

Alexander Wang's Spring 2013 Collection was full of surprises, from peeps of skin to glow in the dark fashions and chrome fabrics. Wang stated that he played with the idea of "tension and suspension" which is clearly evident in this collection. Check it out below!

This dress was so ~sexy~

I love how this feels like a football sports jersey almost

This model werked it so hard

Do you see the spinal cord imagery as well?


The bags reminded me of the Furoshiki cloth-folding technique

Overall, I loved Wang's collection as I usually do. It took the simple, usual black/white palette and focused on the design of the pieces so the viewer wasn't even bothered by the otherwise simple colours.  The runway design was unique too and I loved the glow in the dark part when the models lined up and the lights dimmed.....MAGICAL!!

What did you think about it? Leave a comment below! Did you have any favorite pairings?


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  1. That was a wonderful collection ! All the details are amazing :)


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