Monday, June 24, 2013

Calvin Klein SS 2014 Menswear

If you haven't seen Calvin Klein's SS 2014 collection, I AM HERE TO SHOW YOU THE LIGHT.
Look at the prints! Just look at them! I think the rectangles/windows in the middle really bring the print to the next level; my mom was confused by them. I can't wait for when this collection goes to stores and online because I will definitely be shopping it!


But overall the collection can be broken up into Light and Dark. Calvin Klein is riding the monochrome trend until its death but he's still making it look great. Many of the pieces were offered in both light blue and dark royal blue. I tried to show that with the collages I made.

and Dark....

Do you love the Calvin Klein collection as much as I do? Leave a comment below...

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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Christopher Kane Menswear Spring 2014

Kane continued his iconic all-over prints for Spring/Summer 2014 and let me tell you they were AMAZING!! This collection showcased a topography-3D net type of print and seeing the print on a large scale is absolutely stunning. (Keep scrolling for that!)

This collection could be broken down into specific trends and that's exactly what I did:

Casual Suiting

All over net print

Pocket Logos

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Did you see the sandals too? I thought they were really cute with the outfits. I've tried wearing sandals like the ones featured but I always look like I'm going on a hike so I had to return them to Zara. It was so unfortunate.

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