Thursday, February 14, 2013

Rodarte FW 2013

Rodarte's Fall 2013 show at New York Fashion Week included a lot of ideas. While, I did tend to like most of it, there was little refinement (if any). The label showed everything from black to white to nude to tie-dye to sponged. It all works for Fall 2013 and I think the season will be successful but it was A LOT.

So starting with the first trend, monochromatic layering

love her hair, it's actually perfect

I thought this detailing was really cool


Black Quilted dresses


and then this next part threw me off but I loved it... TIE DYE dresses

and I don't know exactly what to call this next trend other than "sponged" because it looks as though the fabric was sponge-painted, right?

What I liked about this trend in the show was how you couldn't exactly tell where one garment stopped and the next one began. They blended in with each other.

and we can't forget about the floral tattoo socks! Did you notice them?

So after that Rodarte roller coaster what'd you think about the collection? Too much or Just enough?
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