Monday, February 11, 2013

DKNY FW 2013

Donna Karan's Fall 2013 collection was bursting with fun. Seriously, scarlet and cheetah print in one show together. One of my favorite things she played with was the sizing of the print and then combining the different sizes together in one cohesive look that didn't look like an adult onesie. It came across very well. 

Below you'll see some of the pieces I loved and the trend examples from the show...

Camel Blocked

 a sneak peek at the cheetah


peek a boo

Scarlet & Pink monochrome

digging the texture in this


this dress would give anyone an hourglass figure
cara is so cute

I thought the DKNY show was playful this season but tell me what you think below! Also, how are y'all liking my format of reviewing runway shows (focusing on the major trends rather than every outfit)?

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