Sunday, February 10, 2013

Last-Minute Valentine's Day Outfits

Okay so the time is crunching down and you're starting to freak out because you have nothing to wear for Valentine's? Well calm the hell down because you've come to the right place. I'm not going to commentate as much on the outfits this time since you need to be figuring out what to wear and not reading. HURRY There are outfits for men and women here so keep on scrolling.

I selected outfits for both sides of Valentine's Day; they reflect the darker, romantic side and the puppy love, cute side. If you want to purchase anything in the collages, click on the link in the collage's description. First the men's and then the women's..

A masculine take on floral

More floral, but with choices (any combo of these would look good)

A bold outfit for guys who like to push the limits

Cute with an unexpected twist

Romance with roses

Fresh Love

A Night of Swing Dancing

And what would Valentine's Day be without cute underwear?!

Andrew Christian (briefs, boxers)

Are you less stressed now? Hurry up and go buy your V-Day outfit!
AND remember, you don't have to have a valentine to dress up. You can treat it as a another day or you can choose to embrace it and dress up for it anyways! Dressing up is undoubtedly more fun though. 
I hope this helped *smooches*


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  1. Hi,

    I represent the management team for Kacy Hill (model in the last photo) and I am commenting to just politely ask if you could take down the photo for me.


    Aidan O'Mahony


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