Wednesday, January 16, 2013

What I Wore: Second Semester

I wore this outfit on the first day returning back from break and it was freezing!! Luckily, my faux fur coat kept me warm.
My shirt is from a friend and I was so excited to finally get it. Studded Petals (the brand) took awhile making it but it was worth it. The title is a direct reflection of what the shirt says... this look is called

Donatella Stella

thrifted faux fur coat, Studded Petals shirt, gold chain from eBay, American Apparel Easy Jeans, Dr. Martens boots

Later that night, I met up with some friends: Robby & Sunny. We went to Kerbey Lane cafe which is always tasty and I got my sweet potato fries for free because there was a hair in it (...I know.) Our waitress was really nice though. And then after that Sunny got inspired to get her ears pierced because she had a coupon for a tattoo/piercing parlor but she found out it didn't cover ears so she just decided to get her septum pierced; she is admirably spontaneous.

Here are the photos from the night:


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