Sunday, January 13, 2013

Versace Menswear FW2013

Versace was all about skin, skin and more skin this season!
Usually I find brands that don't design for the season the show is showing for a bit irritating (there was lace for Fall/Winter), but since Donatella did so amazing for the usually blah menswear category, I'll let it slide ;)
The show started with conservative looks that had the ever-present Versace twist on them.

but as the show progressed, it got crazier and crazier...

and there was some mimicry of Gianni Versace's designs...

Also in the show were leather pants! 

there was denim...

but then! THEN IT GOT CRAZY! Donatella Versace didn't hold anything back!
Are you ready for this? get ready, are you ready now?

How insane is that! 
Now I know that's not too practical for most places during the Fall/Winter seasons but it's really awesome. I'd be okay with getting sick if I got to wear one of those.
And they re-introduced these gold-front boots. When Gianni was alive, he designed shoes similar to these, you can see the originals in Lady Gaga's music video for The Edge of Glory
So, I'd love to hear what you thought about this collection, leave a comment down below!

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