Wednesday, January 16, 2013

OOTD: Caught in a Net

I wore this outfit to my classes today; I had American Experiences (which is basically American History), Rhetoric & Composition II, and Color & Design. I'm really loving my classes so far, even the core ones. I'm behind on my major since I recently switched it to Graphic Design so I'm taking quite a bit of classes but they're all really enjoyable. Nothing really exciting happened today other than me going to Whole Foods. I purchased Skin DeTox tea and Tazo berryblossom white tea as well as some agave nectar. This look is called:


peacoat, Banana Republic collared shirt, Colorful mesh shirt, Levi's jeans, Dr. Martens boots, Urban Outfitters backpack, Swarovski ring

And the craziest thing happened to me when I was taking these photographs-- someone walked into the staircase as my camera flash was going off, it was mortifying. And then running away out of embarrassment, I tripped up the stairs and the worst part is that I didn't even see their face. 

I'm just trying to blog, not be embarrassed. 


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