Saturday, January 19, 2013

DIY Jil Sander Veiled Beanie

So I made this veiled beanie from Jil Sander's Spring 2012 collection!! 
If you want to make the infamous beanie just keep scrolling, it's super simple to make!

Keep reading to see the full tutorial!

So to start off, you need a couple supplies..
  • beanie of any colour
  • french veil netting (9" x 24")
  • thread that matches the beanie
  • needle
  • scissors

Once you have all of this you're ready to make it
Now place the beanie in the middle of the veil and make sure that your beanie is hanging off of the veil by at least a couple of inches.
It is okay that the top of the veil is above the beanie.

Wrap the veil around the beanie and overlap it slightly to match up the sides.

You're ready to stitch...

thread the needle and let's get going

Sew the bottom of the veil to the beanie. 
I did a couple of repeated stitches just to make sure it wouldn't come undone. Make sure to knot the thread before you do this.

you should be sewing where the needle is pointing

Next, fold down one side of the veil and stitch that in place

After that, fold down the other side and stitch it right beside what you just did.

Once you've stitched both sides of the veil to the beanie, fold the veil down again towards you and stitch it in place.

Flip the beanie over to the front. Figure out where the middle on the veil is and the middle of the beanie is (or just estimate like I did) and stitch them together.

You can fold the bottom of the beanie up or not, I like it both ways but it looks cleaner with the bottom folded. 

If you want to see the outfit that I wore this with, click here

If you want to make this, go for it! You saw how easy it is to make! If you make it be sure to comment down below, I'd love to see yours.


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