Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Givenchy FW2013

Givenchy was quite masculine this season; taking cues from sports and the use of black leather, Riccardo Tisci delivered a manly collection for F/W 2013. 
The whole collection was quite dark but not in a depressing sense, more in an mysterious, intimidating feel.

There were several trends throughout the show starting with leather! Leather was seen throughout the show but most predominately in these outfits...

NEXT, the leather continued but it was used a bit differently. The coat wasn't used as a singular piece in the show, it was more of a styling choice that required the leather coats. You can see the coats tied around the models' waist here...

Here was a big hint at the sporting inspirations

(it even started getting into the infamous prints but more on these later)

The coats weren't only in leather but they were also woven as well. I think the weave of the coat gives it a more approachable kind of look for a more daily style.

AND NOW HERE ARE THE PRINTED TEES! Everyone loves these tees so much, Givenchy is known for this. The prints are visually pleasing from far away but when you get closer, you can see what the print actually is. It's still a very striking image but Tisci went for a provocative vibe this season.

Riccardo Tisci was quoted as saying, "It's an obsession of sports, sexuality, hard sex, and ... everything that relates to America in a very dark way" about this season's collection. You can certainly see all of those themes in Givenchy's Fall/Winter Menswear 2013 collection. 
While I loved this collection, I am a big fan of Riccardo Tisci's work for Givenchy so I am a little biased… What did you think about this collection? I'd love to hear.

images via style.com

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