Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Trend Report: White

White has been my favorite color for awhile but lately I've been getting much more into it. My entire room is white but now I'm working towards obtaining more white clothes and hoping to be able to easily make an outfit any day I want completely based on white. It's quite a goal but I think I can do it. 

But besides my neurotic white clothing craving, white has been showing up on runways in the form of clothing and makeup. I put together this blog post to show off the trend of white and to give inspiration for outfits anybody can assemble. This trend could easily have been foreseen from the monochrome trend that's still happening but it's taken on a life of its own. 

(as always, the pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them)





and some celebs in attendance at the Met Gala...

I'm excited about this trend and about the growth of my clothing collection. I know it's a weird goal but whatever. 

What do you think about white clothing? Perfect for Spring/Summer? Too stark? Leave a comment.

images via, Tumblr, Solestruck, & SSENSE


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