Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Meeting Brooke Candy, Semi Precious Weapons, Mykki Blanco, and Lady Starlight All in One Day

So recently I had the pleasure of seeing BOTH Brooke Candy and Mykki Blanco perform. 
Let me tell you, it was insane. Every year, in Austin, there's a music festival called SXSW (South by Southwest) that is the biggest independent music festival in the world! It continues to grow bigger and bigger every year too! 

My friend and I got to the venue at 1:30pm and Brooke's show wasn't even until 4:45pm! We REALLY REALLY wanted to see her and surprisingly it wasn't that crowded. The instant we got there we made it to front row, which was more like just walking up to the stage. I'm not even kidding you. They had bands all day and it was so dead. But lucky for us. 

Brooke was everything I thought she would be and more.
Mykki was subpar. I was really disappointed, I thought he would be amazing but he seemed so tired. Even when I met him, before the show, it was like he had just woken up.

But back to the timeline...
we walked all over Austin (one night we walked 4 miles just to get back to my dorm)

So we got there. We waited. Finally, it was Brooke Candy's show!
me & Robby

thx to Robby for this picture

And she performed her more popular songs like "Das Me", "Everybody Does", and "I Wanna Fuck Right Now". It was mind-blowing. 
She complimented my overalls! She said they were "southern" and that she connects with one person at every show and I was that person this time!!!  I DIED!

So we hung out after the show (read: we followed her around in awe). And she rode a CAMEL!!!
At this point I lost it. I kept it together the best I could but I was watching BROOKE CANDY RIDE A CAMEL IN THE MIDDLE OF TEXAS! WHEN DOES THAT HAPPEN?

and then it was Mykki Blanco's chance to impress!!
I was first to spot him getting out of his car in the parking lot but I stayed back because I wasn't too sure. I wanted to give him privacy from a large mob too but eventually I went over to ask for a picture!


He was super nice :)

and we went inside to enjoy his show, this time I was third row but I still experienced the show well enough since it was such a small venue.

His show was great, he blew the sound system but he just kept going and everyone loved that part, how could you not? But overall, it just lacked the Mykki-Blanco-energy that I was so excited to see.

So then the show was over and we headed to the next venue, The Main, where Semi Precious Weapons was playing. Unfortunately, the show was 21+. UGH I KNOW RIGHT. But Justin Tranter, the lead singer, said the band would be outside to meet the under 21 fans that showed up; I was determined to meet them. 
Robby and I grabbed a bite to eat though and he bought me dinner (it was my birthday present, it was cute) but then we booked it to The Main. My phone died along the way, how inconvenient, so we just felt our way around but we made it!
It was time to wait.
In total, we waited about 1.5 hours to see them because we got there at the beginning of their set and then the band greeted all of their fans inside.

Justin was so nice and his outfit was ON POINT!

loved Cole's outfit! His voice was so different from what I thought it would be, it was nice

So we met them all separately but I GOT TO MEET EVERY MEMBER
I asked both Justin and Dan when the album was coming out. Justin said in the Fall but there's an EP releasing next month, as did Dan. I was hoping to get an exact date out of Dan because he was incredibly drunk and I was hoping he would have loose lips, but nope. 
Justin said Lady Starlight was inside too so we waited for her.

Let. me. tell. you.

She was cho kawaii!! (dare I say it) Lady Starlight is the cutest musician ever. You can see her dress below, I said "I LOVE your dress! It's so lolita!" and she whispered, "It's actually from Japan." I died for the second time that night. SO PRECIOUS!
She made sure to point out the music note lace on the top so make sure to appreciate it
2 kawaii 4 me

sickening shoes we saw while waiting for SPW

And then after all of that we randomly stumbled upon Christofer Drew, lead singer of Never Shout Never. His suit was green velvet, can you say "perfect"?

What a wild night. I was exhausted from all the walking and energized from meeting everyone. Every single person we met was so nice. They were so appreciative we showed up.

all images by nicolakilledme


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