Monday, August 27, 2012

What's that I see?

I don't want to call it a trend because that would mean it's a temporary stop in the history of fashion. I guess I could call it a phenomena.
Coloured eyebrows are a phenomena. 

While the idea of changing your eyebrow colour seems new to some people, it's been around much longer than you think and even survives in our generation. It's amazing.

Boy George was always known as being a fashionista/o. In the mid 80's (pictured below), he played around with makeup and coloured his brows! They're a subtle colour, navy blue, but this wasn't the only instance, as I'm sure you'll be able to find. 

More recently, Balenciaga had a show in 2010 with colored eyebrows!! How could you look at the clothing when those eyebrows are there?!?!?!

"is that a donut?"
"can't wait to eat after this."

I love the pastel take on them. CUTE. CUTE. CUTE.

Even celebs are getting in on this craze...
Audrey Kitching

Justin Tranter, from Semi Precious Weapons
T.O.P., from Big Bang
Byron London and Jamie Ryan Dee are 2 well-known bloggers who took the plunge recently too...
2 fierce 2 care

jamie ryan deeyebrows
Two seasons ago, Chanel decided to spice up the decorations and glued sequins and beads to their models!
What do you think about this wacky phenomena? Would you do this?
Leave a comment below telling me. 


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