Saturday, August 25, 2012

Shopping on South Congress!

Today I was social (GO ME!) and I hung out with my friend, Jack. We went to South Congress Avenue in Austin and I did some shopping. It's like 2 miles away, how cool?! I went to American Apparel and got some shorts I've been eyeing for awhile, I wanted to try them on though so I just waited for me to move to Austin first. It was the longest wait of my life. ANYWHO I got them.

THERE THEY ARE!!! I might wear them to the barbeque tonight so if I do, I'll post a lookbook with them. They're chambray and they're supes cute. Blythe Smith has a pair of these and they're always adorable when he wears them so I wanted a pair too so we could be twinsies! (update: here's the lookbook)

Next, I got this sky blue shirt from American Apparel. This color always goes well with my skin tone but I don't have anything that fits me currently in this colour. So I basically needed it. Right?

Sorry for the ugly background. It's my wardrobe in the dorm. I couldn't think of anything else to hang it on. But the colour is what I wanted to show. It's cute y'all.

After the American Apparel escapade, we went to the thrift store right next door. It's St. Vincent's Thrift Store. Let me tell you, if you live in Austin (or even driving distance) you should go here. They have really cool stuff and it's all really well priced too. So without further promotion of St. VIncent's, here's what I got.

It was only $2!! How could I not get it? I think it's meant to be a belt, but it could totally be worn as a necklace or even some kind of abstract shoulder sling. (update: here's a lookbook with the shorts AND the belt!The back straps are elastic which is why I think it's a belt but here's me wearing it as a necklace...


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