Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Copenhagen Fashion Week started today and the first show was the CIFF trends show!! There was a mass load of clothing there and it was quite impressive, they had four different sections of the show with music changes (it was great music too) and all four were very different from each other. The trends they predicted are amazing. Everything from european-dance-kid to business casual to Saudi Arabian to pilgrim. Here we go....

This first outfit was as strong starter, it's like a pink silicone monster face printed on flesh tone mesh dress kind of thing. Can I just say it's 100% amazing? Like look at it. *moment of silence*

I really like this furry vest. It says "POP!" on the back and I thought it was a great piece, it's very colorful and I would absolutely love to own it. It's right on trend.
Crop sweaters for men are definitely going to be all the rage this season! They're mega awesome and I've actually really been wanting one lately, and was going to make it and it just solidifies that I really should just buy one or make one because they're obviously on trend. Also, aren't they kind of sexy or is that just me? I'm not feeling the sweatpants just because I'm partial to jeans. I think jeans would've looked awesome here....or leggings. 

I liked the personality of this piece. I'm really attracted to clothing that has different elements. This shirt is not only sheer but also has a golden-ab-structure-cutout underneath it!! How cool!

Hopefully I'm not the only one who thought this Stepford-wife dress was adorable. The trainers are a bit disconnected but the main part of the outfit, the dress, was gorgeous. And I liked the lime green belt accent. 

Most consumers are scared to mix metallics together and this combo proves it can be done. The metallic mixing was a reoccurring motif in the collection and it made me happy to see that CIFF was being "daring". 

Onto to this jacket. The above blue/white/tan fur bolero jacket just did not work. It made a very loud statement, but it was loud in all the wrong ways. It was too many colors to look good and way too overdone. Don't get me wrong, I love love love weird fashion but this was just not cute. 

I really want a quilted jacket, they're coming back in and I need one now. My only problem: it's smothering hot in Texas. 

This jacket was a bit derivative of Comme Des Garçons' latest collection, with it being oversized, and I was looking forward to things a bit more fashion-forward and predicting trends rather than playing off of trends that have already been shown. 

Ooooooh prettty ooooohhh shinnnneeeee

Fuchsia socks (or any other bright colour really) are exciting! I hope this does become "trendy" because I will rock some coloured socks in a hot minute. Regardless of trend. 

Not much to say about this outfit other than, doesn't it look like it could belong in Moonrise Kingdom?

The pace changed up and they started bringing out a series of outfits I didn't really like. At all. So I'm not going to cover them but here's a taste of them....

And the good clothing started again.....
CAMO IS HERE TO STAY!! BOOM! This jacket was in-your-face-camo. Fur+Camo=

Here come the pilgrims!

The grey sheer/cashmere number was lovely. Just lovely. The way it flowed was magical and I really just appreciated that piece. 

For some reason I've been really getting in to chunky heels. Here they are again. I'm in ♡.

The CIFF show was undeniably trend-setting and fire hot! They know what they're doing and I can't wait to see next season.



  1. I wish I was as knowledgable about fashion as you are, loved the article!

  2. your post is very interesting. your blog is interesting and good! now im a new follower <3


  3. Hi
    I do also like the cropped sweater, and I would like to lay my hands on one for the coming summer. Do you have any idea of the label? or where to get it?
    Thanks a lot

    1. Hello Pierre!
      I actually do not know the brand of the vest, but here is a link to the list of brands used by CIFF ( ) You could also email them at CIFF@BELLACENTER.DK if you wanted. Hope you find out!


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