Tuesday, January 14, 2014

#OOTD: Psychedelia

Hi hi hi! So I'm back! My Christmas was really nice and New Year's was very quiet for me (not that I minded). But for Christmas I got these glasses from H0les that I had asked for! They're magical! I included my instagram video in this post to show their full glory, photos really don't do them justice--at all. As a personal Christmas present I bought myself 2 softboxes and a seamless white backdrop, I'm still figuring out both of them so just bear with it while I figure everything out and my parents got me an SLR camera FINALLY. Ugh I've gone so long without one (which is difficult as a fashion blogger).

Also! It was my first day back to school since the break!

H0les glasses, thrifted dress, American Apparel jeans, Dr. Martens boots

Did you notice this dress has shoulderpads?! I'm living for it


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