Monday, October 1, 2012

Vivienne Westwood Spring 2013 - Makeup and Accessories

For Vivienne Westwood's latest collection I really wanted to focus more on the makeup, styling, and accessories because it was so impeccable. She stuck to her usual edge-pushing aesthetic and royal embellishments but did push the envelope even more than expected.

Here the model has a HEART painted onto her face. I'll let that sink in for awhile. 

The hair. The heart. It's insane and only Vivienne could envision all of it.

The gold logo looks great against the blue croc.

Little Red Riding Hood?

I always say this but I LOVE shiny things.

Pretty pleats similar to Christopher Kane Spring 2013

The volume of this is perfect.

I really liked how this looked similar to Versace back when Gianni was still alive but not a copy of it; you could tell it was authentically Westwood's idea.
And for this model, they outlined the heart in blue and let het her natural skin be the decoration.

Kinda reminds me of the Coach pattern? and those Coach shoes *shudders*.

Were you a big fan of the heart shapes used this season too? Leave a comment...
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  1. I don't like this make-up.



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